Hafod Water

Water Cooler Wales refreshing and delicious Hafod Water is supplied from the spring at the Hafodneddyn Estate near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire.

We can supply spring water for your cooler in 13.5 litre and 18.5 litre bottles.

The typical analysis of the water is:


Calcium mg/l54

Magnesium mg/l 15

Sodium mg/l15.8

Potassium mg/l4.5

Bicarbonates mg/l245

Sulphates mg/l27

Fluorides µg/l85

T.D.S. mg/l290

Further information on Hafod Water and the Hafodneddyn Estate is available at www.hafodwater.co.uk

“Water Cooler Wales are a magnificent company, their values fit in well with our company's core values which is an added bonus. They have a superb customer service and will go to extra lengths to accommodate your needs. We've found them to be so friendly and helpful...oh and their water, well it makes a superb gin - even if we do say so ourselves! We get to drink the watertoo and find it so refreshing. Thank you for a marvellous service and a wonderful product - keep up the good work!!”

- Katharine – Angel Feathers