Bottle Fed Water Coolers

We have a range of Bottle Fed water coolers to suit all environments and budgets, from standard coolers for construction sites / staff usage to executive coolers for meeting rooms / spas.

What is the benefit of a Bottle Fed over a Mains Fed cooler?

  • Great for premises without Mains Fed water available
  • Can be re-situated easily if needed without the need for new plumbing
  • Supplied with beautiful, refreshing Welsh Spring water

Our coolers are reliable and robus, offering style at competitive prices.

Maintenance, callouts and sanitisations are included in our rental prices - we have no hidden extras to our pricing.

We are also excited to offer corporate branding of our coolers - ask us for more infomation on this bespoke service and see what we can offer your premises!

“Water Cooler Wales are a magnificent company, their values fit in well with our company's core values which is an added bonus. They have a superb customer service and will go to extra lengths to accommodate your needs. We've found them to be so friendly and helpful...oh and their water, well it makes a superb gin - even if we do say so ourselves! We get to drink the watertoo and find it so refreshing. Thank you for a marvellous service and a wonderful product - keep up the good work!!”

- Katharine – Angel Feathers